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Sample Issue

Better Python deployments with dh-virtualenv

github.comA good alternative to using Git for deployments.
It combines the power of Debian packaging with the sandboxed nature of virtualenvs.

Asynchronous tasks with Django and Celery

realpython.comA good introduction to using Celery with Django.
Including periodic, local and remote tasks.

Understanding HTTP 2.0

oreilly.comA chapter from the excellent “High Performance Browser Networking” from Oreilly Media.

Curated and classified list of UI pattern

calltoidea.comA high quality catalog of UI pattern from the well-designed web. Login forms, calendars, footers, pop-ups, pricing tables, etc.

Finally a good debugger for Go

github.comA real debugger for Go from the team at Mailgun. Set breakpoints, see stacktrace, list context. +1700 stars on Github so far.


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